Management Consultants to the Investment Industry

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Management Consultants to the Investment Management Industry

  • InsideOps: Sub-advisor Oversight

    Sub-advisory relationships are on the rise. This edition of InsideOps provides critical insights on how to best manage these relationships from multiple perspectives. Development of a strong oversight model will ensure mandates yield maximum results within their given parameters. 

  • InsideOps: Selecting an ETF Service Provider

    The dramatic growth of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) has come with significant operational challenges. These challenges might be overcome by outsourcing the operational component. This InsideOps provides an overview of the criteria by which ETF service providers should be assessed and selected. 

  • The Coming of Age of the Investment Book of Record (IBOR)

    Trends such as multi-managed products and strategies, global diversification, product expansion, increased regulation and the need to monitor risk has placed a priority on a solution which provides a firm-wide, same day view of all assets under management. One viable solution to this challenge is an Investment Book of Record (IBOR). 


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