Management Consultants to the Investment Industry

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Management Consultants to the Investment Management Industry

  • Methods for a Successful Vendor Conversion

    [PART II of III] Once the decision to convert to a new vendor has been made, the focus will typically shift to the daunting complexity of the project ahead. Armed with a proven method of successfully completing the conversion on time and with minimal disruption, shift the focus to the future realization of all benefits the convresion will have to offer.

  • When to Replace a Vendor

    [PART I of III] Replacing an external service provider can be extremely costly and time consuming. As such, the decision making process should not be taken lightly. Asking the right questions of your company and current partner can help ensure the right decision is reached and open the door to a new, valuable long term investment.

  • Transitioning to a Risk Based Oversight Model

    After completing the outsourcing of a process to a service provider, it may seem prudent to fully replicate the outsourced process to minimize risk and ensure accuracy. However, this decision could be costly and prevent the realization of all intended benefits from the original decision to outsource. This edition of InsideOps describes the steps that should be taken to transition to the preferred alternative of a risk based oversight model.  

  • The Coming of Age of the Investment Book of Record (IBOR)

    Trends such as multi-managed products and strategies, global diversification, product expansion, increased regulation and the need to monitor risk has placed a priority on a solution which provides a firm-wide, same day view of all assets under management. One viable solution to this challenge is an Investment Book of Record (IBOR). 


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